Pingyin metal pipe industry was awarded with national industrial base

Update:17 May 2017

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued […]

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a "National Kechuang letter (2016) No. 40", after the provincial and municipal audit recommendations, expert review, in charge of the county led the defense and other links to the German group as the core, the joint industry chain upstream and downstream 15 enterprises, to fluid pipe fittings customization, precision intelligent valves, deep processing of fluid pipelines and prefabrication of pipelines and other three industrial areas as the focus, "National Torch Pingyin metal pipe fittings feature industry base" to be approved, as The only one in Jinan.
Since the access to clean energy characteristics of the industry, "the national torch characteristics of industrial base", Pingyin County, science and technology departments in the grasp of the base expansion, increase the chain of business investment, strengthen the base of the main innovation on the basis of constantly sum up experience in the county The company has continued to cultivate high-tech industry projects with good market prospects, industrial scale and high technological content, and finally selected the company as the core enterprise, the joint group Maschen Steel Pipe, Mike Pipeline Technology, Mike Valve Technology Company and The county within the Huizhi technology and other 15 industrial chain of enterprises, striving for "national torch Pingyin metal pipe fittings feature industry base."
At present, the base has the world's largest in this area, the most complete varieties, the highest grade, the best efficiency, the strength of the pipeline connector manufacturer Meide Group, its leading product pipeline connecting the domestic market share of 29 %, Ranking first in the country similar products; independent brand products export volume, sales revenue, profits and taxes and other indicators for four consecutive years ranked first in the country Magang industry. Meide Group has the world's largest annual production capacity of 130,000 tons of steel pipe production base, the world's longest seven computer automatic control tunnel annealing kiln, the industry's energy-saving emission reduction production benchmark enterprises in the field of pipeline connections to the absolute scale And technical advantages in a leading position. In the scientific and technological innovation, the German Group is not only the national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, but also the establishment of a national enterprise technology center, post-doctoral workstations, Jinan City, "academician expert workstation" and other research and development platform.
Pingyin County, metal pipe fittings industry was rated at the national base, will expand a number of metal pipe fittings industry backbone enterprises, gave birth to a number of innovative, growth-oriented small and medium enterprises, supporting the construction of a complete industrial chain, the county Is expected to form a clear competitive advantage, regional characteristics of distinctive, prominent industrial characteristics of the metal pipe fittings industry cluster.