Polish the Copper Pipe Fittings openings

Update:12 Jun 2018

Polish the Copper Pipe Fittings openings of the fitting […]

Polish the Copper Pipe Fittings openings of the fittings, too, using a wire-brush pipe cleaner. Polishing both surfaces is critical: blemishes left on the connecting surfaces are likely to produce leaks later because the solder will not bond properly.

Flux the fittings. Apply plumber’s flux to the inside of each fitting to be soldered. Use one of the inexpensive flux brushes made for the task, as it keeps your fingers and hands clean. The flux has the consistency of a thin grease, and when heated will draw the solder into the fitting. Slide the pipe into the fitting, give it a twist to spread the flux evenly, and wipe off any excess flux that squeezes out.

Polishing the tubing and fittings. The individual lengths of tubing that link the elements of the plumbing system are connected at fittings. The fittings come in a variety of configurations, including elbows, forty-fives, couplings, and others. No matter what fitting you are sweating, however, the first step to the process is smoothing and polishing the areas to be joined.

At each joint, polish the outside of the pipe using plumber’s tape (also called emery cloth, it’s sold in narrow strips). Another convenient option for shining pipe surfaces before sweating them is a synthetic, woven abrasive pad. Sold as stripping pads, they resemble those sold for scrubbing pots but will clean and brighten copper in a few easy strokes.

Lay out the arrangement of pipes and fittings, and cut the pipes to length. Make sure the ends are cut square. Use a utility knife to trim off any burrs from the cuts.

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